The RACGP hs approved this mental health module number 801911 for CPD for GPs for 8 hours EA, 6 hours RP and 2.5 hours MO, a total of 16.5 hours of Face to Face CPD.

The GPMHSC has approved the training for FPS-CPD and MH-CPD and the module ialso counts towrads FPS-ST when comleted with modules 2, 4 and 5 of the Clinical Course which inludes CBT and FPS as the contents of the module are the same as those of module 1 of the Clinical Course.

Please note that this module does not contain formal hypnosis but does count towards the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis-CBT-FPS.

Single Day Mental Health Module FPS-CPD  - The Relaxation Response & Strategies for Relaxation Therapy      RACGP Activity 801911

An application form is available on this site for eligble professionals.

Single Day Mental Health Module

This module is being conducted as a single day activity in June and December 2024 and contains the same format and inclusions as the first day of the Clinical Course in Hypnosis-CBT-FPS. The day is based upon the application of relaxation for the treatment of patients in clinical practice. The skills and knowledge contained in this module are extremely useful in assisting patients to calm themselves and to cope more effectively.

This module has been accredited by the RACGP for GPs for CPD for 8 hours EA, 6 hours RP and 2.5 hours MO and is also approved by the GPMHSC for MH-CPD and FPS-CPD for Medicare FPS re-registration.

The single day module does not include formal hypnosis but does count towards the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis-CBT-FPS.

Any GP and other eligible health professional can also attend the first day of any clinical course as a Single Day Mental Health Module in 2024 in order to gain AHPRA re-registration and also for FPS Continuing Professional Development accreditation for Medicare re-registration if they are already registered for FPS provision. FPS skills training is required for general practitioners, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists to use the Medicare FPS related Mental Health Item Numbers.

Please check availablity with us before registering via the application form available on this website.

The 2024 TIMETABLE is now available:

Clinical Course in CBT-FPS-Hypnosis includes GPMHSC FPS-ST + FPS-CBT, 76 RACGP CPD points with EA,RP and MO

29th of April to the 4th of May 2024

19th of August to the 24th of August 2024

25th of November to the 30th of November 2024

Advanced Clinical Course in CBT-FPS-Hypnosis (Hypnoanalysis) RACGP CPD hours and GPMHSC FPS-CPD

3rd to the 8th of June 2024

16th to the 21st of September 2024

Single Day Mental Health Module (FPS-CPD)

Either the 22nd June or the 7th of December 2024


Accredited Practicing Dieticians (APDs) who are full members of Dieticians Australia with Medicare eligibility are now eligible to participate in training activities conducted by the College of Medical Hypnosis.

We look forward to greeting dieticians at the training courses.

Information for the Certificate of Advanced Clinical Course in Hypnosis CBT FPS 2023 Ericksonian Principles, has been added to the Advanced Clinical Course tab.

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