The courses have now been accredited by The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) CPD Program, approval no. 1419 under Category 2/Level 2 – 2 Credits per hour as 96 credit points. (Accreditation does not represent endorsement or approval by the ANZCA of the activity.)

Physicians can allocate CPD points for the courses.

The courses were approved by the College of Nursing for 68 CPD hours from February 2009.

Applications have been made to The Australian Practice Nurses Association and will also be made to the Australian College of Midwives, The Australian Physiotherapy Association, The Chiropractors Association of Australia and the Australian Osteopathic Association in 2009.

Dr George Denholm died on Tuesday the tenth of February.

George was an exceptional doctor and a marvellous friend.

He helped many people with his general and psychological medical skills.

George presented each year at the hypnosis courses held at Mercy Place, at Bardon in Queensland, but started presenting at the courses at the Banyo Seminary near the Brisbane airport years ago, before it was turned into the Catholic University.

George contracted cancer of the oesophagus around 10 years ago. He survived much longer than expected due to the tremendous loving support of his wife Sandra, of whom he always spoke so positively during his presentations. Sandra looked after George at home for as long as possible and he only went into hospital for the last time the day before his death. His quality of life was reduced recently due to the need for oxygen and the development of a brain tumour which made it difficult for him to concentrate.

I talked with him a few days before his death and told him what a great inspiration he had been for so many people. George missed his beloved golf! As Sandra said l "he was ready to go" and probably took his own oxygen mask off to help himself along. Fortunately George died peacefully without pain.

George had a distinct and whity sense of humour with his sudden glances, dramatic movements and engaging style with his audience, all delivered with a distinguished brogue accent. He presented to The Sceptics Society a few years ago and had lots of enquiries and hypnosis patients following the talk.

He had a passion for hypnosis and relaxation and believed in their multiple benefits.

George arranged the format for his own funeral and ensured that the tune 'Bad, bad, Leroy Brown', and 'New York New York' were played at the service. He went through the curtains to the pipes and drums of Scotland the brave!

Those of us who knew George were all the better for knowing him.

As George often said "leave em laughing".

George, we will miss you and think of you with fondness.

Regards, Alan

Dr Alan Fahey

The courses have been approved by the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN) for professional development.

The Counselling College & the Health Colleges of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) have approved the courses for 42 Specialist PD points as well as the courses being approved for 42 Generalist PD points. An application is pending with the Clinical College.

Doctors who are members of the Australian College of Rural & remote Medicine (ACRRM) receive 30 Extended Skills & 30 Core Skills PDP points for course attendance.

Applicable for all courses:

I recommend that all professionals involved in psychotherapy or counselling read the 'Management of Mental Health Disorders volumes 1 & 2' which are available here via this website under the books section, or from the Anxiety Disorders Prevention Unit. This is one of the texts recommended with the General & Advanced courses. All general practitioners & Allied Health Professionals registered with Medicare can obtain the texts free from the Federal Department of Health by phoning 1800 066 247.

Approved by the Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine for 30 Extended Skills Professional Devlopment (PD) points & for 30 Core Skills PD points.

Approved by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) for 6 Active Learning Modules, each worth 40 Category 1 points = 240 Category 1 CPD points for courses attended this 2008-2010 triennium. GP's need to acquire a minimum of 80 Category 1 points out of a total of 130 points. These are the 'harder' category or group of points to acquire. The points contribute toward the required total of 130 Category 1 and Category 2 points. GP's can acquire either Category 1 or Category 2 points to make up their total of 130 points provided that they have a minimum of 80 Category 1 points within the total. These courses constitute most of the mandatory training requirements for general practitioners (GPs) for the triennium (CPR points are also required).

The RACGP membership free call line is 1800 331 626.

Approved by the General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC) for Levels 1 and Level 2 mental health training for GPs to register to use the mental health Medicare item numbers when they deliver specific counselling consultations termed Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS). Please see and go to QA & CPD, and then to Mental Health Standards Collaboration. Once a GP has successfully completed a course they should apply to the GPMHSC to become registered with Medicare to use the mental health item numbers. GP's can obtain more information about their requirements from the GPMHSC by speaking with Ms Jaci Lowry or Ms Bianca Bell on (03) 9214 1576 or contact your local division.

I recommend that all GP's obtain a free copy of the book 'A Manual of Mental Health Care in General Practice' by Dr John Davies, which contains the Mini Mental State Examination. GPs will need this as a part of their assessment for the formulation of mental health plans, Medicare item number 2710.I reccomend that they also complete the 3 Step Mental Health Process, although this is no longer a mandatory requirement as it was for the previous use of mental health plans by level 2 credentialled GPs (which finished at the end of April 2007). The book is excellent reading and is a minimum for counselling. The appendix on 'self hypnosis' at the end of the text contains anything but self hypnosis however, it is more a form of trance induction. GPS should call The Federal Department of Health on 1800 066 247 to obtain this text & the texts "The Management of Mental Health Disorders 1 & 2" mentioned above. The 3 texts mentioned here are free from The Department of Health for GPs. GPs can ask for the "Mental Health Resources Kit", or if there are no kits available, the texts can be ordered separately.

Approved by the APS for 42 Generalist or Specialist Professional Development (CPD) points. The Health & Counselling Colleges of the APS have endorsed the course.

Approved by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) for double credit points = 96 PD points for AASW members.

Approved by OT Australia for Occupational Therapists who are members of The Australian Association of Occupational Therapists for 12 PD points.

Psychiatrists can record 48 credit hours for these courses for MOPS.

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