The 2017 TIMETABLE is available on this site NOW.

Clinical Courses will be available at the start and the end of the year in Sydney and during the year they will also be held in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Advanced Clinical Courses will be available in Sydney and Melbourne this year.

MEDICARE item numbers for General Medical Practitioners (GPs)

The clinical certificate course in Hypnosis-CBT-FPS-Guided Imagery-Counselling-Stress Management conducted by the College of Medical Hypnosis allows general medical practitioners to apply to Medicare to become registered to use an extra seven Medicare item numbers after the course.

Upon completion of the training the general medical practitioner (GP) sends the:
1. copy of the certificate of attendance provided at the conclusion of the course plus
2. the form they complete which we give to them during the course to apply to be registered with Medicare for the mental health item numbers to the General Practice Mental health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC).

The GPMHSC co-ordinates these forms with the information which we provide to the RACGP and the ACRRM following the course showing that the doctors have completed the training. The GPMHSC then notifies Medicare that the GP is eligible to be registered to use the item numbers. GPs can actually use the item numbers immediately following the training but will probably need to keep the Medicare vouchers and not submit them to Medicare until their Medicare registration has been processed which can take approximately a fortnight.

There are two sets of Medicare item numbers which become available to the medical practitioners following this training course:
1. The mental health skills training (MH-ST) also previously called level one related item numbers, for the production of a mental health treatment plan (MHTP) which has 2 different item numbers, 2715 for consultations more than 20 minutes or 2717 for consultations longer than 40 minutes. The 2712 Item number is for a review of a mental health treatment plan and the review should be conducted between one month and six months following the production of a MHTP. The GP can then refer the patient to themselves or to an allied health professional such as a psychologist, a mental health occupational therapist or a mental health social worker.

After a patient/consumer has a MHTP formulated they have 10 FPS Item numbers in total available for them in the remainder of the calendar year to have appropriate FPS consultations They could have for example 6 FPS consultations supplied by a GP and 4 applied by allied health professionals to whom the GP has referred the patient.

2. The focussed psychological strategies skills training (FPS-ST) item numbers, 2721 for an FPS consultation more than 30 minutes, or 2723 for the same FPS consultation delivered outside of the clinic. 2725 is for an FPS consultation of more than 40 minutes in the clinic or 2727 when applied outside the clinic.

In addition each module of the six-day training courses is approved for focus psychological strategies continuing professional development FPS-CPD. GPs need to acquire an approved FPS-CPD activity Active learning Module (ALM) every triennium following the triennium in which they are initially registered for the FPS item numbers in order to maintain their FPS registration with Medicare. This course is also approved for mental health skills training CPD, but MH-CPD is currently not compulsory with the GPMHSC.

UNRELATED item numbers

When GPs conduct consultations that involve different unrelated consultations within a continuous period of time, such as an FPS consultation of 30 minutes in the clinic, ie a 2721 and they also treat a patient for an unrelated medical condition such as diabetes or hypertension for 20 minutes ie an item 36 for a total of at least 50 minutes, then they can apply to have both of the numbers accepted by Medicare, ie 2721 + 36 with the notation 2721 unrelated to 36. If the patient is on a health care card or pension or child under the age of 16 then the item number 10990 is also applicable to be applied twice.

The mental health Medicare item number available for all GPs for mental health related consultations exceeding 20 minutes is 2713. An item 2713 cannot be used in conjunction with any of the seven mental health Medicare item numbers mentioned above ie the MH numbers 2715, 2717, 2712 or the FPS numbers 2721, 2723, 2725, 2727.

Dr Alan Fahey 4/07/16 Please see the GPMHSC website for further clarification

Occupational Therapists (OTs) intending to seek registration with Medicare for 'Better Access' mental health item number utilisation need to be or become members of OT Australia (OTA). They need to use the Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) when they deliver services to patients (consumers). The training conducted by the College of Medical Hypnosis is all based upon CBT and the FPS and is approved by the GPMHSC on behalf of Medicare for medical practitioners to register to use an extra 7 Medicare mental health item numbers. The training is accompanied by a certificate which you can use to present to OTA, the AASW, the APS or the GPMHSC to support your application for Medicare registration.

OTs, psychologists, social workers and GPs are attending training which has been assessed for FPS content and can therefore be logged as FPS CPD attendance.

The 2016 TIMETABLE has been arranged and is available NOW. 

Clinical Courses are available at the start and the end of the year in Sydney and also in between those times in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Advanced Clinical Courses are available in Sydney and Melbourne this year.

The timetable for 2015 is AVAILABLE on this site.

Psychologists, general practitioners, social workers and occupational therapists all need to use the focussed psychological Strategies (FPS) in order to use the special FPS related Medicare item numbers. The Clinical Course in FPS-CBT-Hypnosis is approved by the General Practice Mental Health Collaboration comprised of the APS, RACGP, ACRRM, MHCA and the RANZCP for general medical practitioners to become registered to use the FPS Medicare item numbers. The training is also beneficial for other health professionals in order to refine their skills in order to use the Medicare mental health FPS item numbers.

If you are an eligible AHPRA registered health professional or a social worker registered with the AASW you are able to complete an application form to attend the Clinical Course in FPS-CBT-Hypnosis conducted by the College of Medical Hypnosis (CMH). CMH post graduates can apply to attend any of the CMH training activities.

Send your application to us with evidence of your national health practitioner registration or AASW membership in order to reserve a training position and to secure the early bird rates.

Please check training course availability with the CMH before making an application.

Clinical Courses are being conducted in Sydney in April and at the end of the year and also in Melbourne and Brisbane. Advanced Clinical Courses are also being held in 2015 in these cities.

The first Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis (CBT-FPS) course in Sydney is from the 13 to the 18 of April 2014 with multiple professional CPD approvals. Practical and cost effective, it is designed to benefit you in your personal life as well as in your professional life.

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