The CDs and cassettes were written and recorded by Dr Alan Fahey, who is a medical practitioner with expertise in the application of relaxation, and who has masters degrees in both psychological medicine and psychiatry.

These recordings are designed to help you to help yourself.

Play the recording whilst comfortably seated or lying in a place where you will be undisturbed. You may feel relaxed from the start, each time you relax, or the benefits may build up over a few days. The effect of the cassette becomes more long-lasting when you continue to play the cassette daily. This is why the cassette should be played once or twice daily for at least six weeks.

Ultimately, it is best to make relaxation a regular daily practice.

The recordings should not be played whilst driving, sunbaking or when bathing, since some people relax very close to actual sleep.

You can learn the techniques of relaxation by using the CDs or cassette titled "Being Relaxed".
Being Relaxed CDs (dual-2 set) or cassette

Being Relaxed 2 CD SetBeing Relaxed Cassette and 2CD Set

Use the CDs or cassette once or twice daily for a minimum of six weeks in order to master the skill of relaxation. Practising relaxation will help to reduce anxiety, which will assist you to clear your mind of worry. When you are relaxed you can set goals more easily. Being relaxed also makes it easier for you to sleep at night. This recording boosts your powers of concentration and improves memory. Positive thinking is encouraged.

There are three other cassettes in the series designed to be played after you have achieved mastery of the Being Relaxed recording, but they can also be used alone.

Advanced Relaxation 2Advanced Relaxation 1Advanced Relaxation cassettes

Advanced Relaxation 1Advanced Relaxation 2'Advanced Relaxation' cassette numbers 1 and 2 give you a variety of techniques from which to choose, so that you can develop more profound states of relaxation.

Self ConfidenceSelf Confidence cassette

Self ConfidenceWhen you relax with this cassette, positive suggestions are given to stimulate your self confidence, and further enhance your feelings of peace of mind and wellbeing.

Successful SlimmingSuccessful SleepSuccessful Sleep and Successful Slimming cassettes

Successful SleepSuccessful SlimmingAdditional to the relaxation series, there are two more cassettes available, 'Successful Sleep' and 'Successful Slimming'. Both of these cassettes were written by other health professionals, although 'Successful Slimming' is presented by Dr Alan Fahey. These two cassettes are also best played following mastery of the 'Being Relaxed' cassette. These cassettes are each accompanied by information sheets which should be read before using either cassette.


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These CDs or cassettes have now been available for many years and have been used by thousands of people as an aid to relaxation. They can be used for self help or are a complement to any form of counselling.

Remember that for best results, continue to play the recordings for a minimum of six weeks, but preferably use them as an ongoing daily aid to healthy living.

If additional help is required, consult your doctor. The recordings do not replace your health professional's treatment, they work in addition to other health treatments.

Your doctor or health professional is welcome to call and speak to a doctor here, if they would like any further information.

These CDs or cassettes are guaranteed for 3 months from the time of purchase. If any fault occurs due to the malfunctioning of the cassette in that time, the cassette will be replaced at our expense, including postage within Australia.

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