Dr Sara Renwick-Lau from Victoria said in May 2009:

"the CDs which I used from 20 weeks were fantastic…I was able to create TOTAL relaxation between each contraction…probably the most relaxed that I have ever been…EVER…I was able to create pain free areas around my body when I needed to…including painless stitches…I turned what might have been a long…gruelling and difficult labour…into an experience that I have very fond memories of…"

Relaxation for Natural Child BirthTriple CD pack and booklet by Dr Alan Fahey

Relaxation for Natural Child Birth 3 CDThis is a 3 CD pack to help prepare expectant mothers for childbirth. The CD's can be used at any time of pregnancy, preferably commencing between 12 and 20 weeks. This set of CD's is not designed as preparation for pregnancy, but rather for the actual time of delivery or childbirth. A separate CD called "Relaxation for Pregnancy" will be available in the future.

There are 3 CDs in the program which each have several tracks. The total recorded time per CD is approximately 50 minutes.
The program is self contained and is only available as a single unit.
There is a 24 page booklet accompanying the 3 CDs.
The pack is designed to be used as a whole unit and for the CDs to be played in the proper sequence as they are contained on the recordings.
The program has 6 different relaxation sequences. Each sequence is best used twice daily for a week. Hence the entire program takes six weeks. An abbreviated program can be used if the baby is due in less that 2 weeks.

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The first CD explains the normal process of child birth. This is called 'the physiology of child birth'. It is best to listen to this CD right through a few times when starting the program.

CD2 & CD3

The second and third CDs have 6 different relaxation sequences which have muscle relaxation, followed by mental relaxation with images of a beach or rock pool scenes. The sequences vary in length between 10 and 30 minutes.

24 Page Booklet

It is best to show your partner and support team the booklet which contains helpful suggestions, and also to have your partner listen to the first CD a couple of times, so that they understand what you are doing.

It is important to tell your medical and nursing team that you are preparing for natural child birth and to ensure that there are no medical reasons which would stop you from having a natural child birth.


Additional help with relaxation therapy or hypnotherapy is available.
Please phone 02 9688 2300, for a recommendation.

The CDs help to program a woman's mind to: reduce anxiety and pain, and to let her body achieve natural child birth.

The CDs help the womb to co-ordinate the contractions properly and promote rapid healing, breast feeding and bonding after the baby is born. Relaxation also helps to avoid post natal depression.

The CDs work like hypnosis and can be played without seeing a hypnotherapist, or used in conjunction with regular sessions of hypnotherapy.

The health professional who gives the hypnotherapy may be able to also be present at the birth, but does not have to be present when the woman has been practising her relaxation regularly.


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